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    1. Guidelines for Travelers to India


    2. Medicines: Some medicines are banned in the UAE, please refer below links for detailed list; travelers are advised not to carry these medicines while traveling to UAE. For other controlled medicines, travelers (residents & tourists) are requested to apply for permission to import medicines online at following link:

    3. List of banned medicines in UAE:

    4. Alcohol: Tourists and residents are required to have a Ministry of Interior liquor permit for buying and consuming alcohol in UAE. Consuming or possessing alcohol without permit is illegal and could result in arrest and/or fines and imprisonment. Alcohol is served in licensed bars and individuals are technically required to have their own personal liquor licenses for drinking in bars. Tourists can consume alcohol without permit in the hotel in which they are staying if there is a bar in the hotel. Public drinking and driving under the influence, regardless of one’s blood alcohol content level, are strictly prohibited. The possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the emirate of Sharjah.

    5. Drugs: Drugs are strictly banned in UAE and possession of even trace amounts of illegal drugs may result in lengthy prison sentence.

    6. Prohibited & Restricted Items: Please note poppy seeds (KhasKhas), qat leaf, betel leaf or nuts, niswar and gutkha is banned in UAE, travelers are requested to avoid carrying these items while traveling to UAE. Please refer below links for List of Prohibited & restricted items in UAE

    7. Photography: Please avoid clicking pictures at airport or prohibited areas (Military installations, Embassy area etc.) as it is illegal in UAE. Travelers should take note of signs indicating where photography is prohibited. Please be cautious while clicking pictures at public places, as it is illegal in UAE to take photos of others without their consent. Please refer below links for more details.

    8. Social Media: UAE has strict laws regarding social media. Individuals can be convicted for posting information on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) deemed disturbing the law & order of UAE. Please avoid posting insulting or derogatory content about governments, institutions and individuals.